Luxe Dragon


Depending on the table size, we offer two centerpiece sizes:
For banquet rounds (10-person dinner tables) we will get as close as possible to a 12”x12” max. There
are two reasons for this maximum; to preserve line-of-sight for guests at the table, and also to
maximize the glow effect from the LED base.
For cocktail tables (30-36” table), the acrylic is sized for a 6”x6” max.
Please note that the dimensions will be affected by the shape of custom artwork requests. For
example, if your logo is a horizontal oval and we create the width to the 12” max, then the height will
be shorter in keeping the proportions of the oval.

Yes! Pricing is structured based on quantity. Please contact us for pricing sheets.

Florals are by far the most common traditional centerpiece option, with a wide range of pricing. The
low-end price for floral centerpieces is usually upwards of $125 per centerpiece. Acrylic centerpieces
are a great budget alternative, especially considering that they are going to last longer than just one
For corporate clients, the pieces can be reused or distributed to VIP guests, and for wedding clients
the pieces make a wonderful gift for close friends and family.

Please contact us with your event date to receive a lead time estimate. This will depend on the size of
your order and if you require custom artwork.

For Corporate Events, a high-res image file (Vector .svg, .ai, .pdf) of your company or event logo can
often be engraved. An art fee may apply in order to convert the existing image into a format that will
produce the best result.
For Social Events, such as weddings, names can be added to existing Luxe Dragon designs for

Each LED base offers 7 color choices: Red, green, blue, yellow, purple, white, and pink.

The LED base is available in your choice of solid black, white crackle, or faux wood. They’re all touch activated and have the same color options.

The bases are battery-powered during the event. They also come with a cord that we will deliver to
you for re-use following the event.

Yes! The acrylic slides out of the base and can lie flat for storage, so everything becomes very
compact. Please note that the acrylic can scratch, so we recommend foam dividers or protective
pouches always be placed between/around each acrylic piece during transport and storage. We can
provide pouches with your order if you know you plan to re-use your pieces.

We do! Our focus is local, Las Vegas-based events, but shipping is possible with appropriate lead time.

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